Parallel Sessions Agenda

Title of Session Time Author Room
Ecosystem services in land management Monday 10:15-11:45   Loch Hall, Dayton Campus Center
Developing robust and socially optimal nitrogen management strategies   Jesse Gourevitch  
Social norms, conservation, and the long-term effects of short-term financial incentives   John Kerr  
Energy and bio-physical economics Monday 10:15-11:45   Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
Superorganomics   Nathan John Hagens  
Induced innovation in the waste management sector   Sahar Milani  
Energy Policy and Job Creation at the State Level   Heidi Garrett-Peltier  
Coastal and marine ecosystem services Monday 10:15-11:45   Davis Court, Markim Hall
The spillover effect of natural protected areas on tourism revenues   José A. Lara-Pulido  
Management options for balancing coral reef ecosystem service supply and demand   Kirsten Oleson  
Choice Modeling and Its Application to Sundarbans Mangrove Forest Preservation   Md. Hafiz Iqbal  
An Introduction to Ecological Economics Monday 10:15-11:45 Josh Farley Davis Hall, Dayton Campus Center
Livelihoods and Development I Monday 1:30-3:00   Loch Hall
A perfect storm:  The collapse of quality of life in remote areas of Amazonas   James R. Kahn  
Case Study:  Volta, Senegal & IncoMaputo River Basin Organizations in Africa   Ms Lucia Motaung  
Mismatches in spatial scale of supply and demand and their consequences for local Welfare in Scottish Aquaculture Marcello Graziano
Income inequality and public conservation land in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula   Kathryn Frens  
Advances in Ecological Economics I
Monday 1:30-3:00   Davis Hall, Dayton Campus Center
Ecosystem service valuation for national accounting – current methodological debates   Nils Droste  
A Sketch of Statistical Economics on Energetics   Ram Poudel  
Needs, Norms and Consumption: The Consumer in a Sustainable Economy   Eric Kemp-Benedict  
Ecofeminism and Money   Joseph Ament  
Agroecology and the global environmental crisis: Theory, application, and lessons from Santa Catarina, Brazil Monday 1:30-3:00 Ben Dube Davis Court, Markim Hall
Energy policy Monday 1:30-3:00   Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
A Policymaker’s View On Improving Key Economic Models Used for Climate Policy   Alex Barron  
Pipeline Policy Versus Renewables: Why Social Cost Matters   Spencer Phillips  
A Distributional Analysis of a Carbon Tax in the United States   Mark Paul  
Iberian power: the path toward a more competitive and sustainable electricity market   Agustin Garcia  
Ecological Economics and Development Monday 3:30-5:00   Davis Hall, Dayton Campus Center
Dematerialization, Decoupling, and Productivity Change   Eric Kemp-Benedict  
Use of Bayesian Belief Networks in predicting contamination of drinking water with E. coli in rural Vietnam   David C. Hall  
Shrinking cities examined from a shrinking scale – the impact of household and neighborhood heterogeneity on changes in material and energy consumption, ecosystem services and environmental impact   Stephen B. Balogh  
The Panda’s Pawprint: The environmental impact of China-led re-primarization in Latin America and the Caribbean Rebecca Ray
Food systems and agricultural ecosystems Monday 3:30-5:00   Davis Court, Markim Hall
CEA Lettuce Production: Methods, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Viability   Michael T. Mageau  
Financial Deregulation, Speculation, and Food Security: Case Studies from Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand   Sean Morris  
Practicing Food Justice: A Comparative Evaluation of Recent Developments in Chicago & Philadelphia   Peter Kamps & John A. Sorrentino  
The Dynamics of Pest Resistance Build Up in the Context of Market Power Brian J. Gross
Panel – Towards Just and Pluralistic Ecosystem Service Valuation: Challenges and Opportunities Monday 3:30-5:00 Moderators: Georgia Mavromatti & Bonnie Keeler Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
Energy and ecological economics Tuesday 10:15-11:45   Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
Modelling and forecasting EU allowance prices applying artificial neural networks   Agustin Garcia  
Modeling the Energy Future   James Case  
Mitigating climate change through alternative ecological refrigeration systems   Josiah Taylor  
A combined data envelopment and panel data analysis of the impact of mitigation technologies on environmental and economic productivity growth in OECD and BRICS countries   Fatih Karanfil  
Ecosystem Services Tuesday 10:15-11:45   Davis Hall, Campus Center
An economic and ecological approach for ecosystem services production and income generation in the Amazon   Alexandre A. F. Rivas  
Combining Economics and Ecology for Migratory Species Conservation   Darius Semmens  
Co-investment in Agroecology for Ecosystem Services in Santa Rosa de Lima, Brazil   Joshua Farley  
The Use of Hedonic Analysis Within An Ecosystem Services Assessment To Inform Post-Hurricane Sandy Recovery And Resiliency Planning In Long Island, NY Nadia Seeteram
Ecotourism and Outdoor Recreation Tuesday 10:15-11:45   Loch Hall, Campus Center
Sport fishing management for environmental protection and sustainable development: An Application to the middle Rio Negro   James R. Kahn  
Building Community Among Resorts in Protecting Ecosystem Services from the Threat of Aquatic Invasive Species   Patrick G. Welle  
The Economics of Outdoor Recreation in Washington State   Tania Briceno  
New Perspectives On Teaching Ecological Economics Tuesday 10:15-11:45 Davis Court, Markim Hall
New Developments in Energy and Climate Change: The Potential for a New Energy Economy Jonathan M. Harris
Teaching about Population: Social, Economic, and Ecological Analyses Anne-Marie Codur
Ecological Economics, Music and Immersion in Nature: Integration through Experiential Learning Nancy Bertaux, Kaleel Skeirik
Sustainable Agricultural Interventions Tuesday 1:30-3:00   Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
Addressing Farm Program Drivers of Tropical Forest Destruction and Fertilizer Pollution   Clay Ogg  
Redefining efficiency in agriculture: A case study in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest   Joshua Farley  
Sustainable intensification of agriculture: the location of land contraction and expansion matters   Nathaniel P. Springer  
Risk analysis of on-farm industrial oil production from winter oilseed crops   Prabodh Illukpitiya  
Sustainable Land Use and Restoration Tuesday 1:30-3:00   Davis Hall, Campus Center
Land Use in Buffers of Two Costa-Rican National Parks   Robert Gottfried  
A new index for prioritization in landscape ecological restoration   Tanh Nguyen  
Socio-economic Analysis within an Ecosystem Service Framework: Assessing Delta Restoration   Tania Briceno  
The Role of the Value-Transfer Methodology in Scaling Human-Use Restoration Projects Under the Oil Pollution Act   Heath Byrd  
Sustainable Water Management Tuesday 1:30-3:00   Loch Hall, Campus Center 
The impact of water quality policy on farmer autonomy in agricultural watersheds   Courtney Hammond Wagner  
Water as a Fictitious Commodity: A Critique of Market-Based Environmental Policies   Hannah Lawson  
Upstream solutions to coral reef conservation: The payoffs of smart and cooperative decision-making   Kirsten Oleson  
Sustainability Issues in Asia Tuesday 1:30-3:00   Davis Court, Markim Hall
Amenity demand versus species conservation in Indian zoos   David Martin  
A framework for understanding the livelihood impact of forest plantations in developing countries, with evidence from the Indian Himalaya   Forrest Fleischman  
Community-Managed Forests and Household Welfare: Empirical Evidence from Nepal   Jayash Paudel  
Environmental impacts of shifting to healthy diet: Case of China   Pan HE  
Sustainability Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa Tuesday 3:30-5:00   Davis Court, Markim Hall
REACCTING to a rebound? An econometric analysis of fuelwood demand responses to a randomized controlled experiment with improved cookstoves in northern Ghana   Kelsey Hample  
Using Binomial Probit Models to isolate factors that influenced community and household placement into Ghana’s Modified Taungya System   Doe Adovor  
Decentralized forest and wildlife management in Tanzania: Does the theory match with practises?   Innocent H. Babili  
Natural Capital and Governance Tuesday 3:30-5:00   Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall
The institution of science in natural resource management   Adrienne Strubb  
Characterizing Ecosystem Services of Coastal Dunes to Support Environmental Management Partnerships   Robert B. Richardson  
Conserving and regenerating forests and soils to mitigate climate change   Jonathan M. Harris & Anne-Marie Codur  
Education for Sustainability Tuesday 3:30-5:00   Loch Hall, Campus Center
The entrepreneurial university and sustainable development in Kuwait: Research agenda on food, water, and energy   Ali Aljamal  
The role of economic literacy in fostering sustainability   Madhavi Venkatesan  
Explicit economics: Addressing conscious consumption for sustainability   Madhavi Venkatesan  
Ecological Economics Tools for Design Thinking   Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti  
Advances in Ecological Economics II
Tuesday 3:30-5:00   Davis Hall, Campus Center
The Economics of Equity: Insights from the BDY Model   Garvin H. Boyle  
Kiss nature goodbye. The dangerous illusions of post-environmentalism   Sam Bliss  
Multilevel Research: Exploring new avenues for sustainability between ecological and economic systems Nikhil Joshi
Meeting Planetary Boundaries: Economy-Wide Assessment of Global Policies towards Strong Sustainability Maksym Chepeliev
Sustainability Indicators and Practices Wednesday 10:15-11:45   Loch Hall, Campus Center
Pricing Water under the Public Trust Doctrine: Designing a Process for Policy Makers in Hawaii   Regina Ostergaard-Klem  
Women Parliamentarians and Deforestation Around The World   Nurmukhammad Yusupov  
Moving Beyond GDP:  The Impacts of State-Level Initiatives in Measuring “Genuine Progress”   Anders Hayden  
Genuine Progress Indicator 2.0: Pilot Accounts for the U.S., Maryland, and City of Baltimore 2012-2014   Michael Weisdorf  
Sustainability-Based Policy Wednesday 10:15-11:45   Davis Hall, Campus Center
Ten Successes: Ecological Economics Applied David Batker
A new ecological economics model for Amazonas   Alexandre Rivas  
The Role of Ecological Fiscal Transfers for Solid Waste Management in the Overall Policy Mix   Felipe Luiz Lima de Paulo  
Ecological Fiscal Transfers in Europe – evidence-based design options of a transnational scheme   Nils Droste  
Advances in Ecological Economics III Wednesday 10:15-11:45   Davis Court, Markim Hall
Integrated Systems Dynamic Model of the Macroeconomy: People, Nature, and Money   Carey King  
Developing and Applying Ecosystem Accounting to Coastal Long Island Bays   Anthony Dvarskas  
Modeling Intergenerational Sustainability   Garvin H Boyle  
Improving Our Pedagogy, Expanding Our Reach: Infusing Ecological Economics Across Disciplines and Grade Levels Wednesday 10:15-11:45 Susan Santone Board Room, Weyerhauser Hall

Transforming the Economy for a Just and Sustainable World