Solutions Seminar: Synergistic Solutions to our Financial and Biophysical Crises

Join Portland State University and the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics for a weekly forum for visionary and desirable solutions to the environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time.

Joshua Farley

Synergistic Solutions to our Financial and Biophysical Crises
Joshua Farley, Professor at University of Vermont
Wednesday, November 3, 5 – 6:30 p.m. (8 – 9:30 p.m. EST)
Shattuck Hall Annex, Portland State University, 1914 Southwest Park Avenue, Portland, OR, 97201

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Joshua Farley received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Grinnell College in 1985, his Master in International Affairs and a Certificate in Latin American and Iberian Studies from Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs in 1990, and his Ph.D. in Agricultural, Resource and Managerial Economics from Cornell University in 1999.

From 1996-1999, Joshua taught ecological economics at the School for Field Studies, Centre for Rainforest Studies (CRS), serving as program director for his final year. While at CRS, he conducted field research in collaboration with community stakeholders and students applying ecological economics to local environmental problems. Specific projects focused on the valuation of ecosystem services from riparian forests for local dairy farmers, regional communities and international society; cultural values and ethnoecology; and local, regional and global values of various approaches to forestry.

Additional support provided by the Solutions JournalIllahee Institute, and the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics.