Sustainable Business: Practices in Support of People, Profit and Principles

For decades, Vermont has been growing businesses that are worldwide leaders in clean energy and environmental stewardship – categories we would all call the “green” industries.

But what about a t-shirt printing business or CPA or lending institution?

Are they part of the green sector? Is marketing a “green” job?

The traditional answer would be “no” but at a time when all businesses can benefit from sustainable practices, the trend is for growth not just in “green jobs” but in the greening of all industries in any sector. Management of resources with consideration for the true cost of a business’s people and environmental impact when calculating profit is applicable to any organization.

In Vermont, many nationally-known businesses have applied the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility and still remain highly profitable. The question is, “How?”

Through the “Sustainable Business: Practices in Support of People, Profit and Principles” experience – a five-day, intensive summer program at the University of Vermont’s Burlington, Vermont campus – you can learn the design, organization and management principles and practices that have made these Vermont enterprises sustainable and profitable from the very business leaders who have forged the way. More importantly, you can apply what you learn.

For more information on this summer’s program (July 11-15), visit the Sustainable Business web site at the University of Vermont.