Annie Leonard accepts Herman Daly award at 2013 conference

On June 10, Valerie Luzadis, President of the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics, presented the 2013 Herman Daly award to Annie Leonard at the USSEE 2013 conference in Burlington, Vermont. This award is given in honor of Herman Daly, one of the visionaries who founded the field of ecological economics. The award is designed to recognize individuals who have connected ecological economic thinking to practical applications and implementation of solutions that are sustainable in scale, equitable in distribution and efficient in allocation. Annie Leonard is founder and co-director of The Story of Stuff Project, which seeks to raise awareness about the environmental implications of consumption and waste.Ms. Leonard is most known for her animated film The Story of Stuff (2007) about the life cycle of material goods. With over 15 million views, The Story of Stuff is one of the most watched environmental-themed online movies of all time.

Congratulations to Annie Leonard, the 2013 recipient of the Herman Daly Award!