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6th Edition of Biogas

The 6th edition of Biogas is taking place on the 1-2 October in San Francisco. The event brings together over 30 top level speakers who will share best practice case studies of agri, waste, landfill, sewage and wastewater biogas, providing an excellent platform for networking, knowledge transfer and new business development.

Learn from leading project developers, utilities, financiers and policy makers, including:

  • David Albers, President, BioEnergy Solutions
  • Philip Brown, President & Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Energy
  • Kevin Best, Chief Executive Officer, RealEnergy
  • Brian Gannon, President, Biogas Energy
  • Mitch Pratt, Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary, Clean Energy
  • Ken Brennan, Senior Project Manager, Business Development, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Martha Krebs, Deputy Director, California Energy
  • Jeff Reed, Director of Market Development & Emerging Technology, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Chris Voell, Program Manager, EPA AgSTAR
  • Steve Wilburn, President, Firm Green Energy
  • William Zobel, Clean Transportation Program Manager, Sempra Utilities
  • Jason Patrick, Vice President, Merrill Lynch Commodities
  • Paul Douglas, Supervisor, Renewable Procurement and Resource Planning, California Public Utility Commission

Click here to view the event agenda
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Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium

Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium
13-20 March 2010
Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ

Application Deadline
31 August 2009
Participation limited to thirty-four early career scholars
Airfare and on-site expenses supported by the National Science Foundation

The Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research (DISCCRS, pronounced discourse), connects natural and social scientists engaged in research related to climate change, impacts and solutions. The goal is to broaden perspectives and establish a collegial peer network to address climate challenges at the interface of science and society. A report and list of participants from the most recent symposium is available at

During the week-long symposium — held in the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix, Arizona — participants will present and discuss their research, hone interdisciplinary communication and team skills, and discuss emerging research, societal and professional issues with each other and with established researchers invited to serve as mentors. Confirmed mentors include Julia E. Cole (University of Arizona), Jonathan T. Overpeck (University of Arizona), Billie L. Turner (Arizona State University), and David A. Randall (Colorado State University).

Participation will be limited to thirty-four early career scholars identified by an interdisciplinary committee of research scientists based on review of submitted applications.

PhD requirements completed April 1, 2007 – July 31, 2009. Selection will favor applicants who plan to engage in interdisciplinary research careers in any subject within or relevant to climate change, its impacts and solutions. We encourage applicants from the natural and social sciences, economics, mathematics, engineering, or any other field so long as the research focus relates to climate change, its impacts or solutions. While the emphasis is on the U.S. research system, we welcome applicants from all countries who are interested in learning about the U.S. research system and connecting with U.S. researchers.

Symposium Application instructions:

Register your PhD dissertation and search for other recent climate change dissertations:
(over 900 PhDs have added their dissertation abstract on climate change to this database).

Electronic newsletter:
with jobs and other time-sensitive announcements is available to those who register dissertations.

Public webpage:
includes the dissertation registry, numerous early career resources, and symposium application instructions.


Ronald B. Mitchell, University of Oregon; Paul H. Yancey, Whitman College; Jennifer R. Marlon, University of Oregon; and Ruth A. Ladderud, Whitman College.

This Symposium is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation through grants to the University of Oregon and Whitman College.


For a printable color poster of information about DISCCRS V in PDF format, please go to: — please distribute widely.

Solar Economics Forum USA

The Meeting Place for U.S. Solar Policy and Business
Washington, D.C., USA: 9-10 September 2009

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The Solar Economics Forum USA conference and exhibition takes place in Washington D.C. on the 9-10 September 2009. Learn, network and debate with utility companies, project developers, investors, banks and policy makers at this leading solar finance event.

In a recent report by PR Newswire, Fresco Solar has announced that it will contrust solar photovoltaic ground arrays of one megawat or more in size anywhere in the USA for $2.95 per watt. This new breakthrough pricing, when coupled with Federal tax credits and other local initiatives such as the California Solar Initiative, brings solar photovoltaic power within the realm of grid parity.

Solar Economics Forum USA will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Understand the economics of the U.S solar industry and why solar has been given a key role in the US response to the economic crisis
  • Compare the true cost curves for different technologies (PV, Thin Film, CSP, CPV)
  • Hear how manufacturing is being scaled up
  • Gain insight into which technologies are attracting investment and how projects can be financed in a difficult climate
  • Find out the details surrounding the US policy developments at federal and state level, what this means for solar businesses and how policy is driving the market forward
  • Understand how the U.S market has developed across utility, commercial and residential sectors

To download the full event brochure click here

Register today to take advantage of the earlybird discount – available until 22 July 2009.

Expert speakers include:

  • Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. Representative, D-AZ
  • Jigar Shah, Founder, Sun Edison, USA
  • Julia Hamm, Executive Director, Solar Electric Power Association, USA
  • David Arfin, Vice President, SolarCity, USA
  • Rainer Aringhoff, President, Solar Millennium, USA
  • Matt Cheney, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Ventures, USA
  • Carrie Cullen Hitt, President, The Solar Alliance, USA
  • Shawn Kravertz, President, Esplanade Capital, USA
  • Nancy E. Pfund, Managing Partner, DBL Investors, USA
  • John Woolard, Chief Executive Officer, Brightsource Energy, USA
  • John Bartlett, Financial Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Adam Browning, Executive Director, The Vote Solar Initiative, USA
  • Jeanne Fox, President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, USA
  • Nancy Hartsoch, Director, CPV Consortium and Vice President, SolFocus, USA
  • Kevin Law, Chief Executive Officer, Long Island Power Authority, USA
  • Arnold Leitner, Chief Executive Officer, SkyFuel, USA
  • Brian Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, PrimeStar Solar, USA
  • Mike Nedd, Deputy Director, Bureau of Land Management, USA
  • William Nesbitt, Managing Director, Good Energies, USA
  • Scott Stephens, Solar Energy Technology Program, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Darren Van’t Hof, Vice President, US Bancorp Community Development Corporation
  • Sanjay Wagle, Renewable Energy Advisor, Recovery Act Team, U.S. Department of Energy

Also announcing Solar Technologies 101:

An introductory to solar technology and markets for non engineers – 8th September 2009

Whether you are new to the industry or simply want to refresh and update your knowledge, this one-day training course will ensure you are up-to-speed with the key, fundamental aspects of the Solar energy industry.

You will learn about the different applications and technologies for harnessing the sun’s energy, including both photovoltaics and solar thermal. These will be placed in their relevant business context both within the energy market as a whole and by considering the commercial, economic and regulatory factors affecting both demand and supply.

For more information on training courses available click here

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

The Solar Economics Forum USA attracts top level executives and key decision makers in the industry. Sponsoring this event will enable you to showcase your leadership position within the US solar power industry. Our sponsors receive  unparalleled media and marketing exposure before, during and after the conference. Stay connected and partner with  the leading solar finance conference in the US.

For more information contact William Todd

Green Power Conferences

Desk: + 971 4 813 52 11 Mobile: +971 50 551 7234 | Fax: +44 207 900 1853

P.O. Box: 282750 | Dubai | UAE

Media Partners:
Alta Terra
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Founded in 2003, Green Power Conferences was the first dedicated company to offer professionally organised events focusing on the renewable energy, climate change and sustainability sectors. We have now welcomed over 10,000 delegates from 92 countries and built a global database of 400,000+ contacts. Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates and partners alike.
Each event is developed by a team of market research professionals who ensure our events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast-moving sectors. With a global portfolio of 50+ events, Green Power Conferences is helping to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy, climate change mitigation projects and sustainable business practices from Rio to Hong Kong. We also walk the talk, by offsetting all our commercial activities through renewable energy projects around the world.

Join our Green Energy Training Group on LinkedIn – click here

Forthcoming Conferences

Optimizing Wind Power Performance, Houston, TX, USA, 2-3 September
Solar Economics Forum USA, Washington DC, USA, 9-10 September
Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement, New York, USA, 14-15 September
Carbon Markets USA, Washington DC, USA, 21-22 September
Forestry Carbon Markets & REDD, Washington DC, USA, 23-24 September
Next Generation Biofuels, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28-30 September
Carbon Markets Turkey, South Caucasus & Central Asia, Istanbul, Turkey, 29-30 September

Biogas USA, San Francisco, USA, 1-2 October 2009
Carbon Markets Mexico & Central America, Mexico City, Mexico, 6-7 October
Biofuels Markets Mexico & Central America, Mexico City, Mexico. 7 October
Jatropha Markets Americas, Mexico City, Mexico, 8-9 October
Voluntary Carbon Markets, London, UK, 12-13 October
Carbon Capture & Storage Congress, Doha, Qatar, 20-21 October
Carbon Markets MENA, Cairo, Egypt, 27-28 October
BioEnergy Markets West Africa, Accra, Ghana, 27-29 October

Carbon Markets Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, 10-11 November


World Biofuels Markets, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 15-17 March 2010

Green Power Academy Courses:

Introduction to Renewables, London, 11-12 August
Introduction to Solar Technology and Markets, London, 13-14 August
Wind 101, A 1-day primer for non-engineers, Houston, 1 September
Solar 101, A 1-day primer for non-engineers, Washington DC, 8 September
Introduction to Renewables, London, 12-13 October
Introduction to Solar Technology and Markets, London, 14-15 October
Introduction to Renewables, Dubai, 15-16 November
Introduction to Solar Technology and Markets, Dubai, 17-18 November

For more information on our academy courses please visit

Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week

Call for Participants: The 1st Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week

A new opportunity for scientists to influence public policy

This August, AIBS – with the support of Event Sponsors: Sevilleta Field Station; Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry–North America; and the Natural Science Collections Alliance – will launch the 1st Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week, August 17-21, 2009.

The 1st Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week is an opportunity for scientists and graduate students, regardless of their policy experience, to meet with their members of Congress. AIBS will prepare participants for their Congressional meeting(s) via an interactive, online training session.

Throughout the week, participating scientists and research facilities (e.g., field stations, natural science collections) will meet with their members of Congress to show them first-hand the importance of sustained federal investments in biological science research and education. Participating scientists will either set-up meetings with their elected officials at their district office or may invite them to visit a research facility, laboratory, or classroom to experience first-hand how science is done and taught.

How to Participate

Participation is free, but registration is required and space is limited. The deadline for registering is August 5, 2009. If you would like to participate, please contact AIBS Public Policy Associate, Julie Palakovich Carr, at or 202-628-1500 x 225, to provide your name, affiliation, contact information (mailing address), and how you heard about this event. If you plan on inviting your members of Congress to your research facility, please include the mailing address of your facility in your correspondence.

Organizations wishing to support this effort may still become a Sponsor or Supporter of the event. Please contact AIBS Director of Public Policy, Dr. Robert Gropp, at 202-628-1500 x 250 for additional information.

Visit for the full announcement and more details,

Event Sponsors

– Natural Science Collections Alliance

– Sevilleta Field Station

– Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry – North America

A Policy Agenda for NAFTA

On Tuesday June 2 one of the 2 p.m. parallel sessions will feature Rethinking trade and environment:  a policy agenda for NAFTA. The session will be chaired by Kevin Gallagher.  Mr. Gallagher is the Director of Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor of International Relations at Boston University (B.A., Northeastern University; M.A., Ph.D., Tufts University).

This panel will serve as a round table among ecological economists and members of civil society who will discuss the need to reform NAFTA to make it more environmentally sustainable and provide specific proposals for reform.

Panelists will include Tim Wise, Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University; Jeffrey Schott, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Margrete Strand, Sierra Club; and Mark Linscott, Office of the United States Trade Representative.

For more information on the 2009 USSEE Conference visit our website at  Online registration ends today at midnight PST.   Avoid long lines at the registration desk by preregistering today!

2009 USSEE Conference Agenda Available

Preparation is in high gear a we finalize plans for the 5th bi-annual conference of the United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE).  The conference will be held in Washington DC this Sunday, May 31st to Wednesday, June 3rd 2009. The conference theme is “Science and Policy for a Sustainable Future”. This theme intends to move the debate from scientific discoveries and insights to practical solutions and viable policies. Conference participants will come from academia, the non-profit sector and the public sector with the goal of advancing collaborations between the private, public and non-profit sector to advance sustainability.

For more information you can access a preliminary detailed program/agenda (pdf file) for the 2009 conference.  The last day for online registration will be Midnight PST on Wednesday, May 27th.  Avoid long lines at the registration desk by preregistering by May 27th.

Pavan Sukhdev and Dayna Baumeister: Parallel Keynote Speakers

There will be 2 parallel keynote speeches on Wednesday, June 3 at 9 a.m. in the Lecture Hall.  The keynote speeches will be followed by a question and answer session.

Pavan Sukhdev is a Managing Director in the Global Markets division of Deutsche Bank AG, based in London, having joined this division in India in 1994. His assignments have included building a leading financial markets business for the bank in India, managing the Bank’s money markets trading and liquidity across Asia-Pacific, being COO for the Bank’s Asian Global Markets business from Singapore, and being COO for the Bank’s global Emerging Markets business based in London.   He is the study leader in the TEEB and Project Leader in the Green Economy Initiative (UNEP).

Dr. Dayna Baumeister will be speaking on Taking Stock of Nature’s Value System:  Ecology, Economics, and Life’s Principles.  Dr. Baumeister is the co-founder of the Biomimicry Guild, a world leading innovation company which draws on deep knowledge of biological adaptations to help designers, engineers, architects, and business leaders solve design and engineering challenges sustainably.

      • Lecture Hall

Social and Ecological Sustainability Issues

On June 1st of the conference there will be four parallel sessions offered in the area of social and ecological sustainability issues dealing particularly with economic development and will be given by Maya Kocian, Dr. Marina Vornovytsky, Dr. Sirisha Naidu and Dr. Bernhard Gunter.

Maya Kocian graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a B.A. in Economics and is currently working with Earth Economics.  She has done research in several areas and has studied the impact of various development projects on natural resources, particularly in Ecuadorian oil fields.  Her presentation titled Ecological Economics In Ecuador will cover the topic of Ecuadorian efforts to preserve natural resources and discusses the efforts being made in the OPEC organization to cover the financial costs of preservation.

Dr. Marina Vornovytsky graduated magna cum laude from American University in 4 years with 3 separate degrees in Economics, Mathematics, and International Studies.  She also received her doctorate from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Economics and currently serves as an Economics instructor at Loyola College in Maryland.  She will be presenting Inter-regional Inequalities and Environmental Degradation: Understanding the Political Economy of Pollution Shifting which will deal with the possible effects of economic inequality on pollution control, taking data from Russian Statistical Agency to prove her assertions.

Dr. Sirisha Naidu serves as an assistant professor of Economics at Wright University and will be presenting Green Is In: The Impact Of ‘green’ Policies On Social And Ecological Sustainability which will primarily focus on the effects and effectiveness of environmental policies on the forest dwellers of India and the forests themselves using Marxist, feminist, and ecological views.

Dr. Bernhard Gunter, currently the president of the Bangladesh Development Research Center, will present The Impact Of Development And Growth On Energy Use And Co2 Emissions: A Case Study For Bangladesh Until 2050 which looks at the environmental impact Bangladesh is expected to have in the near future and how this reflects on global development as a whole.  He will also reflect on the effectiveness of the increased use of alternative energy sources in reducing CO2 emissions.

ARIES Conference

From 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. on June 2 at the 2009 USSEE Conference, Dr. Marta Ceroni, Dr. Ferdinando Villa, and Kenneth Bagstad will be giving parallel sessions on the Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services project, also known as ARIES.  ARIES is a complex, web based program that utilizes artificial intelligence to aid policy makers and researchers by making the complex relationships between a regions various natural resources clearer.  Because of its innovative design, it is able to help fill in missing data by assessing and learning from the patterns that it sees, giving the user the best possible estimate of the actual information.  The project designers have also taken great measures to incorporate local information and sources as well, which gives a perspective overlooked when simply transferring known data to new situations.

ARIES is a government funded project and will not only enhance the ability of policy makers to plan appropriate uses of natural resources, but will also offer interesting insights into the ability of machines to learn and grow as well as link information intelligently.  The program will also bridge the gap between human and machine communication as it helps the user make informed and intelligent decisions while simultaneously compiling the effects of those decisions and communicating them back to the user.

Dr. Marta Ceroni, who is a research assistant professor at University of Vermont, will be chairing the sessions, and will also be presenting Conservation Planning and Management Using ARIES.  Dr. Ceroni has a wide range of experience in ecosystem assessment and environmental services and works with the ARIES project as well as the United Nations, Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, and Thailand in various consulting capacities.

Dr. Ferdinando Villa, presenting A Demonstration of the ARIES System, is a software designer and engineer at the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics and is one of the project leads for ARIES.  He has extensive skills in both human and machine languages and has done a great deal of research in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), ecology, and ecoinformatics (which is the science of making natural objects understandable to machines and humans and then integrating that information to make it relevant).

Kenneth Bagstad is a graduate student with the Gund Institute and has received a B.A.  in botany and environmental studies as well as an M.S. and his research focused on the effects of groundwater pumping in southeastern Arizona on plants near the San Pedro River.  He has worked as an environmental consultant and has done research on tropical plant taxonomy, as well as participating in environmental restoration in the Midwest.  He will be presenting Linking Spatial Data and Ecological Knowledge to Map Ecosystem Services Provision, Use, and Benefit Flows.

The USSEE Conference starts in just a few days. We don’t want you to miss out on this exceptional opportunity. If you have not registered we are offering a weekend special rate of $325 for USSEE/ISEE members and $425 for non-members. This special is a savings of $30. Register at  The weekend special registration ends at Midnight PST on Monday, May 25.

USSEE Conference Registration Special

The USSEE Conference starts in just a few days. We don’t want you to miss out on this exceptional opportunity. If you have not registered we are offering a weekend special rate of $325 for USSEE/ISEE members and $425 for non-members. This special is a savings of $30. Register at

Of course you won’t want to miss the special lunch event that will feature a presentation by Herman Daly. There are also other featured speakers throughout the event that you won’t want to miss. The weekend special registration will start at 8am EST on Thursday, May 21 and run through Midnight PST on Monday, May 25.

The last day for online registration will be Midnight PST on Wednesday, May 27th. Avoid long lines at the registration desk by preregistering by May 27th.

See you in D.C.