9th Biennial Conference June 25-28 2017

Ecological Economics: From Theory to Practice

Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

The US Society for Ecological Economics invites you to join us for our 9th biennial conference June 25-28, 2017 with a focus on Ecological Economics: From Theory to Practice. Submit your abstract for a individual poster, paper presentation, or complete session via our Abstract Submission Form, open through December 15th.

As a transdisciplinary field, Ecological Economics (EE) seeks to develop solutions to complex and interrelated economic, social, and environmental problems. ‚ÄúTheory to Practice” would embrace many types of presentations including, but not limited to:

  • Research that extends the state of the science of ecological economics
  • Research that informs policy decisions
  • Case studies of why policies and projects were successful or unsuccessful
  • Discussions of how to bridge the gap between research and implementation, theory and practice.
  • Identification of research and data needs in supporting policies and projects
  • Identification of barriers to research and practice
  • Identification of agendas to implement sustainability at the household, firm, local, state, regional, national and global level.

Following our 2015 conference, many of you reached out to us through our post-conference survey and indicated a need (and desire!) for more discussion and exchange of ideas related to EE methodologies and finding pathways for change, action and practice. The USSEE is currently reorganizing with the intention of bringing educators, researchers, decision makers and practitioners together to exchange ideas, methods, and stories of our work in an effort to expand our influence in an era where the urgency of EE-related problems challenges our ability to solve them.

Transforming the Economy for a Just and Sustainable World