Open letter from the USSEE Board of Directors

As members of the newly elected Board of Directors of the USSEE, we believe that this is a critical time for ecological economists to contribute to public discourse about a sustainable and desirable future. To that end, we are eager to engage with motivated scholars in the field to advance knowledge and application in ecological economics, and to build our collective capacity to communicate more effectively about the need for a new economic paradigm that is aligned with the biosphere and the well being of human society.

So please join with us and renew your membership in the International Society for Ecological Economics for 2013! And please invite your colleagues to become members and contribute to this important and timely dialogue. For information about the benefits of membership, visit the ISEE membership web site. We plan to call for volunteer participation in USSEE standing committees soon, and we hope that you will consider taking a leadership role as a committee member. For more information about USSEE, visit our website. Your participation is especially important as we gear up for the 2013 conference.

USSEE will hold its 7th biennial conference on June 9-12, 2013 at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. The conference theme is “Building Local, Scaling Global: Implementing Solutions for Sustainability.” The conference aims to integrate sustainability research and lessons learned at local, regional, and state levels to identify solutions that can be implemented at multiple scales. Vermont has been described as a “laboratory” for sustainability science and policy, with progressive programs in energy and land-use planning, ecological economic indicators to guide public policy, and a grassroots movement to transition to a post-fossil fuel economy. This year’s USSEE meeting will be organized around an emerging optimism that local solutions are bubbling up everywhere. So save the date, and plan to join us in Burlington in 2013! Please check the conference website for more details. For questions, please contact conference organizers at

We are enthusiastic about the future of ecological economics, and we hope that you are, too. Please renew your membership in USSEE and plan to join us for the 2013 conference in Burlington!

Yours truly,

2012-13 USSEE Board of Directors

Valerie A. Luzadis, President
Jon Erickson, Past President
Robert Richardson, Secretary-Treasurer
Ken Bagstad
Lisi Krall
Laura Schmitt Olabisi
Md Rumi Shammin
Mairi-Jane Fox