Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development

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United Planet Faith and Science Initiative has just launched a website that attempts to win a Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development ( with a shared nomination of one organization and two individuals.  It grew out of an earlier effort to win that prize for Herman Daly alone.  It has since been adjusted improving the chance of his sharing the Peace Prize.

This is a strategic effort to give Ecological Economics greater worldwide exposure.  Please actively support the effort since the conversations needed to engage Qualified Nominators will create more widespread understanding of the field and its importance for our well-being and our survival.

Please visit  Anyone can endorse the effort via the Public Endorsement page.  You may be a Qualified Nominator, and if not you likely know or can easily contact Qualified Nominators there are so many of them in academia and government.  For instance, all university rectors (equivalent to chancellor and president) can nominate, and all professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology can also nominate.

This is an achievable prize.