Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy: Job Openings

The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CANSEE) is looking to hire a Communications Specialist, and an Ecological Economist to join their team. For more information on either of the positions described below, contact Brian Czech, Executive Director, at

Position Description:  Ecological Economist


The Ecological Economist analyzes, interprets, and synthesizes environmental and economic data. The purpose of such analysis is to help CASSE elucidate limits to growth and the need for a steady state economy as the sustainable alternative to growth. The Ecological Economist also helps formulate public policies and identifies consumer reforms conducive to a steady state economy.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Analysis, Interpretation, and Synthesis
  • Monitors environmental, economic, and demographic variables with a focus on trends reflecting limits to growth.
  • Assesses the impact of economic growth on biodiversity, soils, water quality, air quality, climate and other key ecological components and functions.
  • Synthesizes macroeconomic, ecological, and social variables (for example, GDP, Genuine Progress Indicator, Ecological Footprint, Human Development Index, Happiness Index) to demonstrate the perils of prioritizing GDP growth in the 21st century.
  • Interprets microeconomic variables (e.g., natural capital prices) in the context of limits to growth.
  • Maintains CASSE’s ecological and economic databases.

2. Writing, Reviewing, and Editing

  • Writes a monthly column for the Steady State Herald (CASSE’s blog).
  • Drafts journal articles on the theoretical and empirical evidence of limits to growth and the occurrence of uneconomic growth.
  • Produces internal briefing statements to apprise CASSE staff of key ecological and economic developments.
  • Contributes to online discussion of the fundamental conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, economic sustainability, national security, and international stability.
  • Reviews book manuscripts for consistency with the principles of ecological economics.
  • Contributes content for the Steady Stater (CASSE newsletter).

3. Policy Formulation

  • Assists in development of Full and Sustainable Employment Act (CASSE’s featured legislative initiative).
  • Advises counties, boroughs, parishes, townships, towns, and other local or regional polities on planning for a steady state economy, including stabilized populations, consumption, and ecological footprint.
  • Assists with international policy initiatives such as Harmony with Nature and the Kiev Communique.

4. Public Speaking

  • Gives talks on limits to growth and steady state economics at ecological and economics conferences.
  • Provides guest lectures at colleges and universities.
  • Addresses political and other public assemblies for purposes of advocating the steady state economy.

5. Networking

  • Serves as a CASSE ambassador to the ecological economics community.
  • Maintains a CASSE presence in professional ecological and economic societies.
  • Serves as a liaison to conventional economics programs and think tanks.

Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate would have a Ph.D. in economics with a graduate certificate in ecological economics. The minimum academic requirement is a master’s degree (in ecological economics, economics, natural resource economics, or a closely related field). A strong ecological background is also required.

Supervision and Logistics

Supervision:  The Ecological Economist is supervised by the Executive Director. Given instructions, the Ecological Economist is expected to be independently productive for significant periods of time. The Executive Director prioritizes duties as needed and has final discretion on CASSE activities and operations.

Office:  4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia

Starting Salary:  $45,000–$60,000 depending on education and experience. Standard benefits package.Promotion potential depending on performance.

Starting Date:  March 1, 2020 (with some flexibility)

To apply:  Send resume, copies of transcripts, and contact information for three references to:


Position Description:  Communications Specialist


The Communications Specialist conducts public outreach and marketing activities for print and the web, including creating email campaigns and newsletters, managing email lists, creating outreach activities, managing public engagement, and helping with market research, grant writing and external communications planning. This is a full-time salaried position. Incumbent works in an office setting in Arlington, Virginia.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Marketing  & Promotion
  • Develop marketing campaigns for CASSE projects that can be sent to our lists and the public
  • Develop newsletters that highlight recent activities and that invite donations and signatures
  • Organize and maintain email lists using online email list management programs
  • Create and mail press releases for CASSE news items to the appropriate lists and news outlets
  • Contribute ideas to the organization’s branding assets such as boilerplates, taglines, logos, etc.

2. Public Relations & Communications

  • Help identify target audiences and develop marketing strategy for reaching audience segments
  • Assist/design outreach programs to effectively communicate CASSE concepts to the public
  • Work with media outlets to place CASSE news items and provide information to journalists
  • Field inquiries about CASSE mission and activities from both partner and opposed organizations
  • Manage social media channels and publish information in tandem with marketing campaigns

3. Business Development

  • Develop plans for building affinity with various target audiences through the appropriate channels
  • Design and execute successful donation campaigns and help staff track incoming donations
  • Maintain leads drawn from donor lists, signatory lists, and CASSE related events
  • Create lists of actionable insights drawn from email campaign results
  • Analyze and troubleshoot email list opens, clicks, bounces, etc.

4. Outreach Activities

  • Attend events to promote the organization, obtain signatures, and gain insight on audience needs
  • Facilitate communication among head office and subchapters and write/obtain bios and photos
  • Assist with branding projects and assessing consistency and effectiveness for target audiences
  • Help with projects such as educational outreach for K-12 audiences and college students
  • Identify new, untapped audiences for CASSE outreach and market projects to new segments

5. Other Responsibilities

  • Assist with subscription and signatory list management via WordPress website
  • Work with director, staff, interns on various projects to develop marketing and outreach strategies

Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate would have knowledge about the communication tasks at a nonprofit including print, online, written and multimedia assets. This knowledge would be supported by technical ability using Microsoft Word, Excel and online email list management programs such as Send in Blue, Vertical Response, Feedburner, MailChimp, etc. Basic knowledge of WordPress websites or a willingness to learn will benefit the candidate in working with other project teams. Ideally, the candidate would have a strong ability to view the big picture of various communications and outreach needs and to provide services across the spectrum of marketing, public relations, communication, and outreach. This knowledge and ability should be demonstrable on a resume with relevant academic and/ or work experience.

An interest in sustainability and/or economics is a bonus. The ideal candidate would already be familiar with the concept of a steady state economy. However, candidates interested primarily in communications initiatives at a nonprofit organization are encouraged to apply as well.

Supervision and Logistics

Supervision:  The Communications Specialist is supervised by the Executive Director. Given instructions, the Communications Specialist is expected to be independently productive for significant periods of time. The Executive Director prioritizes duties as needed and has final discretion on CASSE operations.

Office:  4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, Virginia

Salary:  $43,000-$51,000 depending on education and experience

Starting Date:  March 2020 (with some flexibility)

To apply:  Send resume, copies of transcripts, and contact information for three references to: