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Best Poster Presentations: USSEE Virtual Conference

USSEE held its first Virtual Conference and Poster Session on April 16, and the theme for the event was “Building Resilient Economies in a Time of Uncertainty”. USSEE is pleased to announce the winners of Best Poster Presentation.

Arden He was selected for the Best Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation, entitled “Beyond the quantitative box: Local food hubs as creative leaders of food justice“. Arden is an undergraduate student of mathematical economics & computer science at the University of Wisconsin, with interests in exploring sociological issues with quantitative and computational methods.

Daniel Pratson was selected for the Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation, which was entitled, “A shift in the weather: Does experience with extreme weather events inform attitudes towards the relationship between the natural environment and the economy?”. Daniel is a doctoral student with the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, with interests in applied interdisciplinary scholarship on the human dimensions of natural resources.

Congratulations to Arden and Daniel!