Professor Bobbi Low at USSEE 2011

Noted behavioral ecologist Professor Bobbi Low delivered the second keynote address on day 2 of the USSEE conference on the topic of “Noble Savages or Consummate Conservators? Behavioral Ecology and Green Futures”.

Dr. Low is Professor of Resource Ecology in the School of Natural Resources and the En vironment (SNRE) at the University of Michigan. Her research centers on behavioral ecology and life history theory: how these were shaped by evolution, and how they in turn constrain optimal management. She links data collection, analysis, and theory. Her methodologies include dynamic modeling, optimization, agent-based mod eling and game theory. Dr. Low’s research crosses the biological and social sciences, both in topics and journals. Her biological and ecological research includes studies of toad skin secretions, the ecological tradeoffs of marsupialism, fish schooling, kangaroo foraging, the biology of sex differences, and the evolution of anisogamy. She is co-author of Methods and Models in Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation Biology and Institutions, Ecosystems, and Sustainability. Dr. Low is the former President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.