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The United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE) provides a venue for intellectual exchange and collaboration on issues related to the theory, policy, and implementation of sustainable development. The society consists of an interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners who seek to develop solutions to complex and interrelated economic, social, and environmental problems.

Reviews in Ecological Economics

After two years of publishing Ecological Economics Reviews as a special issue of the ‘Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences’, the USSEE is pleased to announce a move to Springer and a slightly different name: Reviews in Ecological Economics. Written by leading scientists and with a prominent transdisciplinary editorial board, this thoughtful and up-to-date synthesis of the primary research has become a new benchmark in the field. Review articles provide reviews of key issues and subjects in a comprehensive, relevant, and timely fashion, creating a critical point of access to the field of ecological economics, and an opportunity to reflect on past progress and chart the direction forward. View past issues and learn how to contribute at the journal home page.

Transforming the Economy for a Just and Sustainable World